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One-to-One Development

An important distinction is the ability of the trainer to coach knowledge, skill and process not just focus on the technique. Whether with sales or service executives we show, as well as review; this means that we actually pick up the phone and make calls not just listen to critique. Real world one-to-one coaching leads to sales executive growth and development which leads to continual increase in sales numbers and so revenue for both the sales executive and the team.

The secret to sales training that makes a real difference today has less to do with what goes on in the training room and more to do with what the sales executives do before and after the training seminar.

BeforeHistorically, very little thought or effort was made in terms of preparing the sales executive to get ready to learn prior to the training event taking place. We always make sure that before the training room seminar takes place sales executives must take inventory of their personal selling strengths and areas for improvement. Then, they meet with us to review these areas and discuss strategic opportunities for growth.

We always work with the sales executives before any training room sessions; making calls alongside the sales executives and giving real world, up-to date examples of our experience, at the same time reviewing, in action, the strengths and areas of improvement previously identified by the sales executive.

This allows us to adapt the training session specifically for the needs of the club, sales team, sport, local conditions and the individualswhich leads to sales executives approaching the training room session with an open mind and more willing to embrace change.

This time working alongside the sales executives ensures the training room sessions is not simply a one size fits all session but rather a specifically tailored session.

Afterin most cases, when the sales executive returned to work, only lip service is given to the follow up process to make sure they integrated the things they learned during their time in the training room.

Given the day-to-day reality of sales executives within the sports industry, many training initiatives fail because the real world on the job coaching by the sales trainer is neglected. This is like an NFL head coach spending a ton of time and money on great players, great coaching staff and months of training time to implement killer plays and then when its actually game time saying, its all right guys, you just do what you think is best!

Our training program is more relevant to real-life situations and sales executives are more committed to adapt and develop because we participate in personal development as we believe that the follow-up support is critical.

We take an active and regular role in coaching new skills and processes. In other words, create the learn, then do opportunities needed to develop new behaviors.

We ensure we show as well as critique; this means we pick up the phone and make calls; as well as actually going out and meeting with prospects alongside the sales executives. We know that real world coaching leads to sales executive growth and development which leads to increase in sales numbers and so revenue for both the sales executive and the sports organization.