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Sales Floor Group Development

Sales trainers have to take an active and regular role in coaching new skills and processes. In other words, create the learn, then do opportunities needed to develop new behaviors. Full participation and involvement by the sales executive in their natural work environment alongside their peers is what makes the whole sales training experience meaningful, helpful and profitable.

The shortcoming of having just the training room type of learning methodology is that the brain forgets most new information that it is exposed to rather quickly. In fact, psychologists tell us that we unconsciously forget 95% of what we hear at a seminar within twenty one days of hearing it.

Yes, sales executives heard it and intellectually understood it but they didn’t retain it and certainly can’t execute or implement it a month later. The flaw is in the training program model not in the training content.

To get sales executives in sports today to measurably improve and begin to do things differently requires a different training approach. We use proven adult learning strategies and behavioral change tactics to boost sales executives knowledge and enhance their capabilities.

We at Synergy take an active and regular role in coaching new skills and processes as, for most sales executives, leaning to do something differently is an interactive process. They need to do it, get some real world experience of it, get feedback and apply it again. This is best achieved via one-to-one development and within the sales offices alongside their peers in their normal working environment.

We bring real world experience that is relevant today and as we are making the same calls sales executives are doing day-in day-out we then always adapting to the continually changing buying environment. Continuous on the job coaching within the sales offices alongside all the sales team as a group is the key.