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Interactive Training Room Development

Training room work has its place but it is simply a catalyst for development not an end in itself. We bring real world examples into the training room that is relevant today and always adapting to the continually changing buying environment. We have an escalating development program that can be specifically tailored to the experience of the sales executives. This means, each time we do a training room session it progresses on to the �next level�. In our training room session we give real world practical training.


Selling Sports Inventory in the New (Recession Hit) World.


  1. Please keep in mind this is simply an outline that is adjusted based on the information gained from the first day within the sales office working alongside the sales executives, which ensures the training room session is then tailored specifically for the wants & needs of �your� sales team.
  2. The day is wholly focused on gaining sales from the Corporate Market but obviously are relevant to all sales focus areas.
  3. The sales executives involved can be �rookies� who have just started straight from college selling group & season tickets through to the 10+ year �vets� focusing on suites & sponsorship.


  • Why we need to keep reviewing our selling process�the world changes so we need to adapt!
  • The need to get beyond the Passive Sales approach
  • Traditional �Ticket� Selling has Three False Assumptions

Understanding Corporate Sales Principles

  • Why People Buy�Psychology of the Decision
  • How our buyers come to make a Decision

The Changing Face of Selling to Companies

  1. Moving Beyond the Traditional �Tell & Sell� and �Push� sales Methods
  2. Developing an �Integrated� Sales Focus
  3. The need for a More �Strategic� Sales Approach to Generate Higher Returns
  4. Using, then Getting beyond �Consultative Selling� to Maximize Sales


  1. Which organizations should we contact for best return?
  2. If calling on a company�
  • Which Companies?
  • Who within the Company?

Changing the �Cold-Call� Mindset when contacting a Company

  1. Change your objective before you make the call
  2. Start with dialogue, not a presentation script
  3. Focus on a conversation not a sale
  4. Recognize and defuse hidden pressures
  5. Recognize it may not be right for them�yet

You Have to Give our Prospects a �Choice� From the Start

  1. Let me show how you can use us and you will either buy or not buy� is not a choice!
  2. How do we use a Success Account
  3. Why is it so Vital in Today�s recession hit world


  1. Making that First Contact call
  2. How to Stop just Playing lip Service to �Needs & Benefits�
  3. What to Say�The Guide Posts needed on a first call (Markers in a Conversation); NOT a Script!

Determining a �fit�

  1. Questioning Skillfully & Listening Expertly when on the phone
  2. Presenting Ideas for Positive Impact

Maximizing Return from the �Corporate Two�

  1. The Gatekeeper
  2. Voice Mail

Dealing with� �Objections�

1. Dealing with the Top 4 �response� statements we get

  • �Send out some information�
  • �Not in this Economy
  • �We don�t have the Budget
  • �Just tell me the Price!�

2. Responding to Other (local) Objections�

Asking for the Business from Businesses: aka, Gaining a Commitment

Research shows that 65% of Business People who you are speaking to were once salespeople�

  1. Do not use a clich� �Close�…Just ask Questions!
  2. How to avoid Procrastination in their Decision Making Process

Follow-Up (Cementing Credibility and Trust)

  1. A Quick note on Proposals
  2. The �CC� e-Mail

A Review:

  • Selling has changed in today�s world; The Old v The New

Note: The final half hour of the day will be spent with management reviewing and making recommendations.