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We only work in Sports. This is not generic, one size fits all Sales Training

We only work in Sports which means our sessions are specific to helping maximise Renewals and New Hospitality sales within professional sports not just showing generic sales techniques from a book! 

Our initial training program is specifically developed to compliment (not contradict) the sales techniques & processes already in place. 

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One-to-One Focused Sales Development

An important distinction is the ability of the trainer to coach knowledge, skill and process not just focus on the technique.

Before any training room session, we meet account executives to review the areas and opportunities for development that they are personally looking for.

Giving real world, up-to-date examples and immediate feed-back in the areas identified by the account executive.

This then allows us to adapt the training room session specifically for the needs of the organization and individuals involved based on their club/organisation, sport, local conditions and present situation.

All of which leads to account executives approaching the training room session with an open mind and more willing to embrace their personal development.


Informal Training Room Sessions

All our sessions are tailored to specifically focus on the real world that the account executives are actually working in every day.

As well as showing up-to-date hospitality techniques, strategy and processes, a large part of the time is set aside for questions, which means every session is open, interactive and practical. 

Areas covered include (but not limited to):

  • Psychology of selling & buying sports hospitality

  • Gaining back those non-renewals

  • Which companies should we contact for best return

  • Who within those companies is the best first contact

  • The best method to use (email, LI, call, text,?) on first contact

  • What to say/write to gain interest 

  • Maximize return from an on-site visit and virtual "meeting"

  • Responding to the top 5 objections 

  • Gaining a quicker "yes" aka...Closing

A genuine, conversational sales process that every sport organization will be comfortable using when contacting their local community. 

NOTE: Sample Outline Agendas Available on Request...

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Active Sales Room Development 

Training room work has its place but it is simply a catalyst for development not an end in itself. Real world one-to-one coaching leads to sales growth and development, which leads to a continual increase in sales numbers and revenue for both the account executive and the club/organsation.

We take an active role in coaching new skills and processes after the training room session. That is, responding to what is working & what is not. In other words, create the “learn, then do” opportunities needed to develop growth, in a very positive, encouraging environment.

For most account executives in sport today, learning to do something differently is an interactive process. Everyone is different and should be treated as such. We use proven adult learning strategies and behavioral change tactics to boost confidence, knowledge and so maximize the return from the training room sessions.

Activ Saes

Qiava Martinez

VP Suites & Premium Seating Sales,

 Las Vegas Raiders

Shaun worked with our Sales and Service executives for a number of years. His experience and focused area being corporate, means his methods are markedly unique and usable. At last, a sales trainer who goes beyond just quoting techniques in a training room but actually does hands on training showing the practice of those techniques in a useful way for the real world.

Mick Hogan

Managing Director,

MMG Sports Ltd.

I first worked with Shaun when, as  Commercial Director at Newcastle Falcons, I wanted to build a new B2B sales culture. His use of American sales techniques but understanding how to adapt them for the sports world in England makes him a leader in his field. So much so that I bought him in to help train my sales staff when taking the role as CEO a Wigan Warriors and then Sale Sharks

The time my reps spent with him was so impactful and he has been a true difference maker.

Bill Hanni

 Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service. Monumental Sports

(Washington Wizards & Capitols)

Shaun truly customizes his training to the needs of our team.  He takes a unique hands-on approach to B2B sales training that allows our staff the rare opportunity to connect with a consultant on a one-to-one basis.  His thoughtful and candid feedback is also tremendously beneficial to our young team of sales managers.  I’d highly recommend Shaun to any organization. 

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